Data, Monitoring & Evaluation

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NRS (National Reporting System) Web-based Data System

The National Reporting System (NRS) is the accountability system for federally funded, state-administered adult education programs.  Virginia’s management information system (MIS), which is accessible through the state’s web-based Single Sign-on for Web Services (SSWS) portal, is used to collect and report adult education data.  The MIS supports NRS data definitions, collection methodologies, and reporting policies to ensure that system features are aligned with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) performance reporting requirements. 

Assessment & Distance Education Policy

The assessment policy section of the document provides explanations of the state and local program responsibilities for assessment specific to the National Reporting System (NRS) and state requirements. The consistent and accurate administration and interpretation of assessments is necessary to ensure placement of learners in appropriate instructional levels that encourages retention, engagement, and gain.

The distance education policy section of the document defines distance education for adult education programs in Virginia and provides guidelines by which programs can report adult learners’ distance education hours to the state management information system (MIS). The goal of this policy is to describe the types of activities and curricula approved for distance education and outline the requirements and procedures for reporting distance education activities to the state MIS.

Student Intake

The Adult Student Profile Document (ASPD) contains contact and demographic information that all prospective adult education and literacy students must complete during the intake process.  The ASPD also contains student assessment, attendance, and outcome information that the local or regional provider must track throughout the program year either on the ASPD or by maintaining supporting documentation in the student’s file.  All information documented on the ASPD and contained in supporting documents must be consistent with the information entered in the state MIS. 

Annual Performance

The state is required to submit a report on its annual performance with respect to implementation of local and regional adult education and literacy, corrections education, and state leadership programs.  In addition, the state must evaluate the extent to which local and regional adult education and literacy programs were able to meet state-negotiated WIOA performance targets. 

Monitoring & Program Improvement

The Virginia Department of Education plans and implements on-site monitoring and technical assistance visits, leads monitoring teams, prepares monitoring reports for local and regional programs, and ensures that Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) are closed in a timely way. The objectives in establishing on-site monitoring protocols are to support programs in implementing a variety of activities and policies that improve access to, and quality of, adult education services; increase adult learner achievement; promote a variety of learning opportunities for students; and assist students in transitioning to postsecondary education, training, or employment.

The goals of monitoring visits are to:

  • Ensure that programs meet federal and state requirements
  • Improve the quality of state and federally funded adult education activities
  • Provide assistance in identifying and resolving compliance issues
  • Ensure the accuracy, validity, and reliability of data collection and data reporting and the adherence to required policies and procedures for program accountability


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