Assessment Supports Webinar Series

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The Assessment Supports Webinar Series focuses on best practices in K-12 literacy instruction aligned to the 2017 English Standards of Learning (SOL) with a specific focus on the Grades 3-8 and EOC courses.  Through the collaboration of the Student Assessment Office and the Office of Humanities, the Virginia Department of Education’s goal is to offer timely, relevant, and instructionally sound support to Virginia educators.

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Topic Description Recorded Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations
Utilizing Data to Maximize Literacy Instruction in 2021-2022 Join VDOE English staff and Assessment staff to explore using SDBQ data from the Fall 2021 Growth Assessments and formative and summative classroom data to support literacy instruction in K-12 classrooms.  Presenters will delve into available resources to demonstrate how to intentionally select texts and skills for deeper learning and purposeful, targeted instruction.


Topic Date Recorded Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations
Assessment Supports for 2020-2021 October 1, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Three Reading October 13, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Four Reading   October 15, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Five Reading October 16, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Six Reading October 19, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Seven Reading October 20, 2020
Assessment Supports: Grade Eight Reading October 21, 2020
Assessment Supports: End-of-Course Reading October 22, 2020