Virginia School Directories

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Public School Divisions

In Virginia, local school boards are responsible for the day-to-day governance of schools in each division. This includes decisions about personnel, student discipline, attendance boundaries, local textbook selection, dress codes and grading scales. Questions about these and other local matters should be directed to the appropriate school division contact:

School Division Descriptions, Calendars, & Maps:

Public Schools

Regional Schools for Specialized Instruction

Two or more school divisions may establish and jointly operate regional schools.

Parent Ombudsman for Special Education

Ombudsman for Special Education flyerVDOE has a Parent Ombudsman for Special Education who acts as a source of information and referral, aids in answering individuals' questions, and assists in the resolution of concerns and issues. School divisions, parents, and children benefit and build relationships when school divisions and parents work together to resolve problems, the Parent Ombudsman for Special Education serves to facilitate that process.

Contact Information

Parent Ombudsman
Phone: 804) 371-7420
Toll Free: (800) 422-2083

Military Families School Liaison Officers

Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps school liaison officers connect military families with educational opportunities and critical information about state and local school laws, policies and standards. Refer to the School Liaison Officers Contact Information (Word) to connect to a military school liaison officer. Visit Military Families for resources and support for military service children and their families during all stages of transition and deployment.

Private Schools

Higher Education

Persons wishing to pursue educational opportunities beyond high schools, have numerous available options. In Virginia, public institutions include 15 four-year colleges and universities, one two-year college and 23 community colleges, as well as dozens of private institutions.

Requesting an Update to the Virginia School Directories

Updates to the school directories need to be made by the school division’s Education Registry Application contact (PDF). If further assistance is needed, contact the VDOE Data Management office at