Data & Reports

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The effective use of accurate and detailed information on student achievement and other school-quality factors is central to Virginia’s commitment to providing quality instruction for all students. VDOE uses information on achievement and school quality to shape policy decisions and help educators at all levels gather, analyze, and use data to improve teaching and learning – while protecting student privacy.

In addition, the Standards of Quality require the Board of Education and local school boards to adopt comprehensive, unified, long-range plans based on data collection, analysis of data, and how data are utilized to improve classroom instruction and student achievement.

Statistics & Reports

VDOE reports a variety of data on public education in the commonwealth, including information on enrollment, demographics, student achievement, finances and safety.

Report cards for schools, school divisions and the commonwealth provide detailed information about the quality of learning and instruction, including state and federal accountability ratings, grade-by-grade data on student achievement, graduation rates and teacher qualifications.

Program Participation Data

 The VDOE reports a variety of data on public education in the Commonwealth, including but not limited to information on program participation in gifted education, advanced programs, Career and Technical Education, Special Education and School Nutrition.  

Data Collection

VDOE collects a variety of data on public education in the commonwealth, including information on enrollment, demographics, student achievement, finances and safety. The department's procedures for collecting data are intended to ensure the usefulness, timeliness, accuracy and comparability of education data that inform key policy decisions in Virginia. Most data collections are related to specific requirements of state and federal law.

School divisions report data to the department through secure Web-based systems designed to increase accuracy while lessening administrative burdens on educators at the local level.

Virginia’s Longitudinal Data System (VLDS)

The Virginia Longitudinal Data System provides Virginia citizens, researchers, and policymakers with a single point of access to educational and workforce training data from multiple, independent sources while protecting the privacy of students.

VLDS supports critical reporting on the quality of public education – such as accurate graduation and dropout rates for high schools and school divisions – while providing information that can help policy makers improve programs that prepare and connect Virginians with employment opportunities.

Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution (VVAAS)

Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution (VVAAS) is a web-based tool available to all Virginia K-12 divisions. The VVAAS portal displays measures of students’ academic growth over time based on SOL testing data, diagnostic reports for student groups, and student projections to help educators improve student achievement and inform classroom instruction. Reports provided by VVAAS, in tandem with other data sources, can help educators make decisions regarding curriculum changes, identify and support long-term student goals, and help reveal trends of student groups in need of additional support.