Behavioral Health & Instructional Support

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Middle school student waiting for school bus while on their phone.

Behavioral Health & Instructional Supports focus on the emotional or behavioral needs of students. Behavioral and instructional supports improve academic outcomes by strengthening relationships, enhancing student and staff wellbeing, and promoting a safe and supportive school climate.

The following Specialized Student Support Personnel are primary providers of behavioral and instructional supports:

Behavioral Health & Instructional Supports initiatives include:

Supports and services are organized and implemented within a multi-tiered system of supports framework, such as Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS).

In 2021, the Code of Virginia relating to the Standards of Quality was amended and reenacted to include three specialized student support positions per 1,000 students. For purposes of this subsection, specialized student support positions include school social workers, school psychologists, school nurses, licensed behavior analysts, licensed assistant behavior analysts, and other licensed health and behavioral positions, which may either be employed by the school board or provided through contracted services. For additional information, please see the Guidance for the Provision of Specialized Student Support Positions in Virginia Public Schools document.

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The Virginia Career and Learning Center for School Mental Health Professionals

The Virginia Career and Learning Center for School Mental Health Professionals offers professional development and career opportunities for school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, and other licensed school mental health professionals in Virginia Public Schools.