Title II, Part A: Preparing, Training & Recruiting High Quality Teachers & Principals

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About Title II, Part A

Federal funds awarded under Title II, Part A, support programs to increase academic achievement by increasing the number of qualified teachers in classrooms; increasing the number of qualified principals and assistant principals in schools; and increasing the effectiveness of teachers and principals by holding school divisions and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement.

Title II, Part A, is a formula-based program. All school divisions are eligible to receive funding through an annual application process. Programs and activities must be based on a needs assessment which must include involvement from a wide variety of stakeholders (i.e., teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, parents, private school representatives, etc.)

Private not-for-profit schools located within the school division’s geographic boundaries are eligible to receive services in collaboration with the school division.  Additional information may be found on the Equitable Services webpage.

Allowable LEA-level activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing strategies and activities to recruit, hire, and retain qualified and effective teachers and principals, particularly in schools with a high percentage of low-achieving students;
  • Providing evidence-based professional development activities that improve the knowledge of teachers and principals and, in appropriate cases, paraprofessionals, in content knowledge and instructional practices;
  • Carrying out teacher advancement initiatives that promote professional growth and emphasize multiple career paths (such as paths to becoming a mentor teacher, career teacher, or teacher leader) and pay differentiation;
  • Carrying out programs and activities that are designed to improve the quality of the teaching force, such as innovative professional development programs that focus on technology literacy, teacher leadership, teacher and principal preparation, and differentiated pay programs.
  • Leadership development for teacher leaders, principals, and other school leaders, to include:
  • Professional development to improve leadership capacity;
  • Leadership residency initiatives
  • Leadership preparation academies
  • Leadership mentoring

For a listing of other allowable activities, refer to Title IIA Allowable Uses of Funds (PDF)

Guidelines and Procedures

Federal Guidance

  • Evidence-Based Practices

State Resources

Educator Performance and Evaluation

Educator Qualifications

Professional Development

  • Teaching in Virginia: Professional Learning and Development
  • TeacherDirect - This resource provides a direct line of communication with classroom teachers and educators. TeacherDirect includes information about new instructional resources created by VDOE staff as well professional development and grant opportunities, and other information of special interest to teachers and their students.


Verifying Title II Time and Effort

Federal Program Monitoring

Equitable Services to Private School Students

Guidance Documents

Fiscal Guidance

2024-2025 Title II, Part A, Applications

Title II, Part A, Allocations

Division program coordinators should contact their program specialist for information about the application for federal funds.

Memoranda from Virginia State Superintendent to school division superintendents:




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