Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution (VVAAS)

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VVAAS Description

Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution (VVAAS) is a web-based tool available to all Virginia K-12 divisions. The VVAAS portal displays measures of students’ academic growth over time based on SOL testing data, diagnostic reports for student groups, and student projections to help educators improve student achievement and inform classroom instruction. Reports provided by VVAAS, in tandem with other data sources, can help educators make decisions regarding curriculum changes, identify and support long-term student goals, and help reveal trends of student groups in need of additional support.

2022-2023 VVAAS Updates

VVAAS Public Site

The VVAAS Public site provides a graphing tool called scatterplots, which enables comparison among Virginia K-12 public division. The scatterplots create interactive graphs for an SOL test that include growth, achievement, and student demographic information for each division within the state. View the linked documents on site for more details.

VVAAS Virginia Learning Gap Analysis

The statewide report focuses on student Standards of Learning (SOL) Test performance by comparing students’ pre-pandemic expected performance with their post-pandemic actual performance. The data presented demonstrates how the pandemic impacted student achievement in Virginia and to what level students have recovered learning gaps in core subject areas. The charts show the extent to which students fell short of their expected performance on state assessments in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.  

Fall 2023 Released on 10/19/23

The Fall 2023 Release will expand the VVAAS reporting information to allow educators to see trends over multiple years. VVAAS uses VDOE assessment data to build reports.  

  • The Fall 2023 reports include SOL test data from the 2015-16 school year through the 2022-2023 school year.
  • The Spring 2022 reports include SOL test data from the 2015-16 school year through the 2021-2022 school year.


Professional Development

The VDOE will provide ongoing professional development and support to all school divisions. If you have questions about the professional development offerings contact the VVAAS Coordinator, Morri Pace at

PD Highlights

  • New 2024 PD opportunities:
    • In-person Looking at Y2 sessions
    • VVAAS Implementation Discussion 2024 series with spotlight division guest speakers
    • VVAAS Office Hours with Morri 2024 series  
    • VVAAS University Session 3
  • The VDOE is providing in-person and webinar opportunities to support educators for the release of VVAAS second year of data.
  • VVAAS University - The VDOE is offering free registration to educators to learn more about VVAAS and its data applications for divisions, schools, educators, students and families.
  • Request VVAAS training for your region, division, or small group. The VDOE is committed to supporting all educators to learn about VVAAS and discuss its best practices. Request the training that best fits you and your staff.  The sessions can be overviews of the system, focused conversations on your data, or gathering of like districts that want to grow in their application of VVAAS.

Educator Supports

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