Educational Technology Notes

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Proceeds from five-year Educational Technology Notes issued by the Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA) are distributed to school divisions and regional programs to improve the instructional, remedial, and testing capabilities of the SOL in local school divisions and to increase the number of schools achieving full accreditation. Proceeds of the notes are provided to:

  • Establish a computer-based instructional and testing system for the SOL;
  • Develop the capability for high speed Internet connectivity at high schools followed by middle schools and then in elementary schools; and
  • Establish a 5-to-1 student computer ratio for high schools followed by middle schools and then in elementary schools.

Grant Allocations

Series XXIII grants to school divisions are based on $26,000 per eligible school and $50,000 per school division. Eligible schools include those reporting fall membership as of September 30, 2022, as well as regional vocational, special education, and alternative education centers, academic year Governor’s Schools, and the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. Schools that serve only pre-kindergarten students are not eligible for this grant.

The Virginia e-Learning Backpack Initiative Grants began with the Series XIV issuance and the program continues with the issuance of the Series XXII notes. The Series XXII grants are provided for schools that include a ninth grade that administered SOL tests in Spring, 2020, and were not fully accredited for the second consecutive year, based on school accreditation ratings in effect for fiscal year 2020 and fiscal year 2021. Those qualifying schools receive: (1) a supplemental grant of $400 per student reported in ninth grade fall membership in a qualifying school for the purchase of a tablet or laptop computer device for that student and (2) a supplemental grant of $2,400 per qualifying school to purchase two content creation packages for teachers. For more information, see Superintendent’s Memo 107-22 (PDF).  Virginia e-Learning Backpack Initiative Grants were not issued with the Series XXIII notes.


Payments to school divisions and regional centers are on a reimbursement basis only. School divisions and regional centers must first complete payments for the qualifying equipment purchased and then file a reimbursement request with VDOE, using the VPSARP application within Single Sign-on for Web Systems (SSWS). Applications will only be reviewed upon approval by the superintendent or designee within the VPSARP application. VDOE will no longer accept paper copies of reimbursement forms.

Also see: Technology in Education: SOL Technology Initiative.