Parentally-Placed Private School and Home Schooled Students Survey

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School divisions must gather and maintain data on children with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private schools or are homeschooled and submit the data to the Virginia Department of Education. Collecting this data will provide valuable information regarding the extent and scope of the equitable services provision under IDEA and assist in ensuring that parentally placed and homeschooled children with disabilities are able to participate. For more information regarding Parentally-Placed Private School and Home-Schooled Students and Proportionate Set-Aside, refer to IDEA Fiscal Data & Reporting.

Announcements for School Year 2022-2023

Updates and Reminders

The Parentally-Placed Private School and Home-School Students Survey is completed in conjunction with the December 1 Child Count. The survey must be completed prior to the submission of the Superintendent’s final verification.

Supporting Document