VVAAS Resources for Parents

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Student Assessment Summary Reports

VDOE and local school divisions now provide parents access to their child’s SOL test performance history reports. Each Student Assessment Summary provides information about a student's SOL test patterns and may help identify places where additional educational support may be needed or highlight accelerated learning opportunities. This information along with a student’s year-end grades and 2023 SOL test results provides context when engaging with a student’s teachers and school about his/her education. 

Parent sitting with their child at the dinner table while they do homework.VDOE Parent Letter for the Student Assessment Summary Report 

Read the letter from Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Coons to Virginia parents introducing the new individualized report.

Understanding the Student Assessment Summary Report

Understanding the Student Assessment Summary Report provides an explanation of the following items:

  • What does the line graph show?
  • What does the chart explain about your student’s SOL test performance?
  • What patterns should I see while viewing the report?
  • What are the next steps I could take if I have questions?

FAQ about the Student Assessment Summary Report 

The FAQ document provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why did my student not receive a Student Assessment Summary?
  • What test results are included on the Student Assessment Summary?
  • What tests are included in the report?
  • What are performance levels and what do they mean?
  • What trends in my student’s test results may be a reason to contact the school?
  • Does this report indicate if your student is on track to graduate?
  • I have more than one student and they earned the same scale score on the SOL, why is the state percentile different?


The glossary provides definitions for the following terms:

  • State Percentile
  • SOL Test 
  • VVAAS – Virginia Visualization and Analytics Solution
  • Performance level
  • Chart Header Key