Gun Safety

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Parents, relatives, neighbors, schools, law enforcement and other government and community organizations all play a role in keeping children safe. The Code of Virginia authorizes local school boards to provide firearm safety education programs for elementary school students as a means of preventing  gun-related accidents and injuries.

gun_safety_guidelines_docElementary School Gun Safety Guidelines & Curriculum

The Board of Education developed Elementary School Gun Safety Guidelines and Curriculum to prevent gun accidents by providing simple steps for children to follow if they encounter a gun at home, school or in the community. The curriculum is designed as single units of instruction for each grade. In each lesson, the character “Finnigan the Fox” is present as the safety mascot. Each lesson is complete with background information, lesson guidelines and plans, suggested scripts for teachers with discussion points, and student materials.

Classroom Resources


"Finnigan the Fox Says … See a Gun? Leave it Alone, Leave the Area, Let an Adult Know" is a PowerPoint presentation adaptable for classroom use developed to assist teachers in school divisions presenting gun-safety instruction. The slides for each grade-level correspond with the curriculum. Each section begins with a slide noting the grade level.

Finnigan the Fox Says … See a Gun? Leave it Alone, Leave the Area, Let an Adult Know (PPT) – Presentation adaptable for classroom use