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To assist school and community nutrition managers, program directors, and supervisors, the Virginia Department of Education, Office of School and Community Nutrition Programs (VDOE-SCNP) provides productivity and efficiency tools as well as a variety of training, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities.

Online Training Opportunities 

NEW! Virtual Virginia (VVA)

The VDOE-SCNP uses VVA to offer online professional learning opportunities to Virginia school and community nutrition professionals at no cost. The following courses are available for enrollment. 

Federal Program Administrative Review (FPAR) Training


Enroll in the VDOE FPAR Training course in VVA. This course is intended to prepare school nutrition directors and staff for their upcoming FPARs. Download the VDOE FPAR Training Course Instructions for assistance in course enrollment and navigation.

2023 Civil Rights Training

2023-civil-rights-training-courseEnroll in the VDOE 2023 Civil Rights Training course in VVA. This course is intended to assist Virginia school and community nutrition professionals with meeting the annual USDA civil rights training requirement. Download the VDOE 2023 Civil Rights Training Course Instructions for assistance in course enrollment and navigation.

VDOE SCNP Training Hub

VDOE SNP Training Hub Course Graphic

Enroll in the VDOE SCNP Training Hub course in VVA to access all VDOE-SCNP conference, workshop, and webinar recordings. Download the VDOE SCNP Training Hub Instructions for assistance in course enrollment and navigation.

Team Nutrition Readiness and Retention Training Program

Team Nutrition Readiness and Retention Training Program Course CardThe Team Nutrition Readiness and Retention Training Program provides Virginia school nutrition professionals with the training necessary to meet the USDA Transitional Nutrition Standards while offering students freshly prepared, locally procured, and culturally inclusive meals. The Program will provide 40 hours of professional development to school nutrition directors and 8 hours of professional development for cafeteria managers between February 2023 and June 2024. All upcoming webinars for school nutrition directors are listed on the School and Community Nutrition Calendar.

To access the webinar recordings and online cafeteria manager training, please enroll in the Team Nutrition Readiness and Retention Training Program course in VVA. Please download the instructions below for assistance with course enrollment: eLearning Courses

The VDOE-SCNP offers the following training videos via the articulate e-learning platform, Please email the VDOE-SCNP Training, Program Improvement, and Grants Supervisor at with your name, email address, and school division/education site to enroll. 

  • April 1 ISP Data Collection and Reporting
  • CACFP Grain Ounce Equivalents and Recipe Analysis Workbook Training Video
  • CACFP Meal Pattern Training
  • Civil Rights Training Video
  • Food Safety Plan Training for School Food Authorities
  • Local School Wellness Policy: Completing the Triennial Assessment Video
  • School Nutrition Menu Certification Workbook Training
  • Procurement Review Training
  • SFSP Meal Pattern Training
  • Verification of School Meal Applications Video

In-Person Training Opportunities

New Director Academy

  • New Director Academy Phase I – Onsite visit with the newly-appointed school nutrition director/supervisor and the assigned SCNP Regional Specialist.
  • New Director Academy Phase II – In-person workshop offered biannually at the VDOE to newly-appointed school nutrition directors/supervisors to provide an orientation to school nutrition program roles, responsibilities, and management.
  • New Director Academy Phase III – A follow-up workshop that provides school nutrition directors/supervisors with an opportunity to discuss specific issues in their programs.

Regional Directors' Meetings

Annual fall and spring meetings for school nutrition directors/supervisors that are facilitated regionally by the assigned SNP regional specialist(s).

Summer Manager Workshops

Workshops for Virginia school cafeteria managers offered annually in multiple locations across the Commonwealth during June, July, and August. Managers receive five hours of professional development, which is required annually by the USDA. Please enroll in the VDOE-SCNP Training Hub to access materials and videos from the 2018, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Summer Manager Workshops.

Training Resources

Civil Rights

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Wellness Resources

Local School Wellness Policy

Each local education agency participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and/or the School Breakfast Program (SBP) must develop a Wellness Policy. The Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP) provides schools with structure and guidance to promote student wellness, prevent childhood obesity, and assure that school meals and other foods and beverages sold are consistent with applicable minimum federal standards. Below are resources intended to assist LEAs with the development/enhancement of their wellness policies. For questions concerning wellness policies or the Triennial Assessment, please contact Katy Harbin via email at

  • LSWP template - To provide school divisions with a template to easily create or update their LSWP.
  • Guidance Document – This document can be used as a handbook when creating or updating their exciting LSWP.
  • Model Policy - To provide school divisions with a model policy and guidance for creating a LSWP which scores high on the WELLSAT3.0.
  • LSWP checklist - A quick guide to ensure the LSWP meets all federal and state requirements.

Triennial Assessment

At least once every three years, LEAs are required to complete an assessment of the Wellness Policy, post the assessment publicly, and update the Wellness Policy based on the assessment results (7 CFR§ 210.31). Below are resources to help with the completion of the Triennial Assessment (TA).

School Fundraisers

“Fundraiser" means a school-sponsored activity where food or nonfood items are sold on the school campus during regular school hours by the school-sponsored organization to raise money for a school-related program or activity. Virginia law restricts the amount of allowable fundraisers during the school day.

Nutrition Standards in School Meals

Resources for Recognizing Reimbursable Meals

Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Fundraisers

The Virginia Regulations Governing Nutritional Standards for Competitive Foods Available for Sale in the Public Schools became effective on October 18, 2017. The following resources include information and guidance related to these standards.

For the complete regulations, please see Superintendent’s Memo 291-17 and Attachment A: Regulations Governing Nutritional Standards for Competitive Foods (Word).

School nutrition programs and others using federal or state funds for purchases must follow all required procurement regulations. The VDOE does not endorse or promote the Alliance for a Healthier Generation online store.

Procurement Resources

Procurement Reviews

All USDA procurement review files, including those listed below, are now located in the Download Forms section of SNPWeb.

  • Farm to School Local Procurement Revised 
  • Writing Bid Specifications
  • Written Procurement Procedures Template
  • Code of Conduct Sample Template
  • Informal Procurement Log Template
  • USDA Procurement Review Tool
  • Vended Meal Contract Template

SFAs must request written approval from the VDOE before incurring an acquisition cost for an individual piece of equipment over $5,000. Download the Approved Equipment List to review items that have already been determined by the VDOE to be allowable and do not require pre-approval.

Procedures for Contracting with a Food Service Management Company

School and community nutrition program sponsors considering contracting for food service with a private for-profit food service management company (FSMC) are required to contact the VDOE-SCNP before initiating the procurement process. All sponsors must use the VDOE-SCNP Request for Proposals (RFP) Prototype Template (Word). Federal and state requirements for the contract must be followed. The VDOE-SCNP provides technical assistance to the sponsor to assure that the regulations and requirements are met.

Procuring the services of an FSMC requires using formal purchasing procedures and providing for open and free competition. Contracts are written for one year with the option to renew the contract for an additional four years. All contracts end on June 30. The VDOE-SCNP requires the effective date of all initial contracts to begin July 1.

The VDOE-SCNP RFP template is mandatory and the school food authority (SFA) must read and fully understand the contents of the RFP.  The SFA remains responsible for the overall operation of the school nutrition programs. The SFA does not relinquish control of the SCNP operations to the FSMC. The SFA is ultimately responsible for closely monitoring the terms of the FSMC contract and the FSMC daily activities.

The SFA is responsible for drafting the RFP using the mandatory template, menus, bid protest procedures, and attachments. As specified in Title 2 CFR §200.319(a), a person or organization that develops or drafts specifications and/or requirements for the RFP used by an SFA conducting procurement under the USDA entitlement programs shall be excluded from competing for such procurements.

Allow adequate time to complete all processes. Please see the tentative timeline below.

2024-2025 Timeline for FSMC RFP Process
Activity Date
Notification to SFAs requiring a New contract November 20, 2023

FSMC Contracts Webinar

December 13, 2023
RFP draft submitted to VDOE-SCNP for approval March 8, 2024
All new, or renewal, contract documents due to VDOE-SCNP for review May 10, 2024
All FSMC contracts signed/executed June 14, 2024
Productivity & Efficiency Tools

Standardized Recipe Resources

Virginia Farm to School

Virginia Harvest of the Month (HOM)

Virginia Harvest of the Month (HOM) is a program that promotes seasonal eating and increased fruit and vegetable consumption and supports local economies. Sponsored by the VDOE-SCNP, Virginia HOM provides ready-to-use materials for classrooms, cafeterias, nonprofits, farmers’ markets, and early care centers to educate children about the joys of eating seasonal, local foods.