English SOL Online Writing Resources

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Writing Instructional Resources 

The following resources are aligned to the 2010 Standards of Learning and the SOL writing test. 

Anchor Sets with Annotations

The Short Paper Component of the English SOL test includes two results – a composing and written expression score and a usage and mechanics score – on a scale of 1 to 4 that when added together indicate a student’s final writing score. To assist teachers in determining how these two are evaluated, the following annotated examples provide explanations to support the assigned score:

Instruction Anchor Sets

The following are samples that received a score of 2 for the composing and written expression portion of the Short Paper Component of the English SOL test. They include annotations, examples of questions and writing checklists that teachers can use to assist students in the revision and editing process, as well as color overlays that align to the Instructional Writing Checklist for teachers. Checkmarks at the beginning on a line indicates a usage and mechanics error.

Understand Scoring

Understand Scoring provides educators with information about the SOL writing assessments, including the rubrics and anchor papers that illustrate each score point on the composing/written expression and usage/mechanics domains used to score the Short Paper Components of the writing tests.  The application is intended to assist teachers in preparing students for the SOL writing tests. 

Instruction Writing Checklists

Instruction Writing Checklists provide teachers with information to evaluate student writing. School divisions may add additional writing requirements to these documents. For K-12 grade-specific student writing expectations, teachers should consult the Curriculum Framework.

Writing Assessment Resources

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts that may be administered on the Writing SOL tests based on the 2010 English Standards of Learning:

Writing Test Blueprints

These test blueprints will be effective with the administration of the 2012-2013 English SOL tests.

Checklist for Writers

Writing Practice Items, Tools and Guides

The SOL Practice Items provide the opportunity for students to practice multiple-choice and technology-enhanced items (TEI) that reflect the new content and increased rigor of the revised English SOL.

To prepare students fully for the online writing assessment, teachers are encouraged to use the Writing Practice Tool (Word) with their students in order to familiarize students with the online formatting tools available in the TestNav testing platform. These formatting tools mirror those of many word processing programs.