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BOE Approves the Science Textbook List

On September 17, 2020 the Virginia BOE approved the proposed Science Textbook list to support instruction of the 2018 Science Standards of Learning. All books submitted by publishers underwent two different levels of review to ensure that they accurately reflect the content outlined in the 2018 Science Standards of Learning and to ensure that the books reflect the rich diversity of Virginia students and communities.  

The 2018 Science Standards of Learning reflect the integration of the scientific and engineering practices to support conceptual understanding of science topics.  The instruction of these standards are intended to allow students to see themselves as able to "do science" while engaging in place-based activities and experiments that align to the expectations outlined in the 2018 Science Curriculum Framework.  The science textbook list can be found at Science Textbook Review (Word). The textbook list with ISBN and pricing can be found at Approved Science Textbook Pricing. (Word)

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Please contact Myra Thayer for blank correlation documents or for additional questions concerning approved textbooks in science.