Archaeologists Discoveries

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Ice Age DiscoveriesRecent archaeological digs have provided compelling evidence that humans inhabited Virginia at least 18,000 years ago, well before the Clovis culture and thousands of years before previously thought. For many years, evidence indicated that people arrived in North America approximately 13,500 years ago, but digs along the Nottoway River in south-central Virginia provide clues about earlier habitation in the Americas.

  1. Watch the programs available from The Archaeology Channel. These two, 30-minute programs present the most recent information about our earliest ancestors.
    • Archaeologists Discoveries: New Evidence – learn how artifacts, charcoal, and soil, plant and animal remains have led archaeologists to reconsider the evidence and develop new ideas about where the earliest people came from and when they arrived.
    • Archaeologists Discoveries: The Investigators – features the archaeologists – the “investigators” – and how they are solving history's mysteries. Learn how archaeologists use science and “lines of evidence” to piece history together.